Joel Wolfer

    Joel Wolfer holds over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. From big box retail centers to state-of-the-art auto dealerships, Joel has served as job Superintendent, Project Manager, Chief Estimator and Vice President of Operations for three large Southern California construction firms. Joel understands construction and the people who make it happen.


James Douglas

    James Douglas holds 23 years of experience in the construction industry. James has served as Foreman, Project Manager, Head Estimator, President and Owner of a major electrical firm in multiple states. James has an eye for detail and the will power to get the job done no matter what.


Elias Wolfer

    Elias Wolfer holds 12 years of experience in the construction industry. He has worked in many trades and served as Superintendent, Estimator and Office Operations. Elias has the technical know-how to streamline the construction process and make it as smooth and efficient as possible.


    Safety, quality, and timeliness are among the top priorities on every Daystar site, regardless of a projects scope or size.  Each Daystar superintendent goes to great lengths to ensure that safety guidelines are followed and quality standards are exceeded. Keeping a clean, safe working environment and encouraging pride in workmanship keeps Daystar sites injury free and quality oriented.

Quality, timeliness, and safety are priorities on every Daystar site