Success is both time and effort driven;

    Daystar utilizes state of the art construction management technology and software. Detailed estimating, project management, scheduling and accounting are only a mouse click away. Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones are all standard equipment at a Daystar jobsite. Combined with our real world experience, technology expedites communication and information at every level.

    Honesty, service, and solid building practices make Daystar Builder the right choice for all of your building needs. Regardless of project size, type or location, we are in business to help you maximize the return on your building investment.



  • Accurate pre-construction and preliminary budgeting
  • Detailed cost estimating
  • Experienced project management
  • Intense value engineering
  • Ground-up, new construction


Retail, Commercial, Office, Industrial, Hospitality, Healthcare and Mixed Use

  • Healthcare and Mixed Use
  • Tenant improvements
  • Renovations and remodels
  • Seismic upgrades and retrofits
  • Site work and ADA improvements